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                                       HAIRCUT by Zoë Hannah Hunt




‘Haircut’ aims to question heteronormative gender expectations regarding presentation and appearance. It will explore the cultural and physical manifestations of personal identity and how something as temporal as hair can signify a person’s individuality; or conversely, conceal it.


By asking each audience member to participate in the performance by cutting a piece of my hair, they will have colluded in defying conventional expectations of appearance. By altering my personal appearance, I will be questioning the standards of female beauty in our society and testing the reactions of everyone I interact with. ‘Haircut’ exposes the superficial expectations of the extreme levels of personal grooming most women contend with. By losing my hair to an unknown audience, we as a group are testing our own compliance with our societal norms.

Threads collaborated with Sally Childs and Margate House Gallery to produce the first of a recurring Moving Image Margate festival celebrating woman Artists working in Moving Image. This exhibition coincided with the very first POW! Thanet Festival which celebrated International Woman’s Day. Threads co-Curated the selection of Artists. 


6-13 March 2016

Margate House Gallery, Margate


S.M.I.I.F 2016 (Sculpture, Moving Image, Installation, Folkestone)

Threads, a DIY Gallery based in Folkestone, have created a free, International, Open Call to Artists working in Installation, Sculpture and Moving Image (Projection, video art, data mapping) to take part in a pop-up Exhibition in Folkestone to create more National opportunities out side London.


Threads has selected works created in the last year from Local, National and International Artists. Each Selected Artist will be paid a fee to Exhibit, cover expenses to get to Folkestone and attend a Critique with the curators. The Critique will help develop their individual practices and question where their practice will progress to after the Exhibition. They have already received applications from across the UK and Europe.


In addition, students from The Edge, a Creative Business School will

collaborate with Threads to document Artist Interviews and the Exhibition Opening event which will all contribute towards their course.


Local Artists will be paid to help produce and Install the Exhibition to add to paid

experience within the Arts outside London. Threads want to raise awareness of

Entrepreneurial and DIY thinking within Artists to help create more

empowering and resilient thinking within the Arts so that more engaging

conceptual work can be created and more platforms outside of London can exist.

Threads received financial support from Arts Council England from a first time application. Threads would like to also thank Kent County Council and Shepway Councilors Hod Birkby and Bob Neaves for their Grant. Threads would also like to thank The Creative Foundation and UCA for their support.


Where: The Brewery Tap, 53 Tontine Street, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 1JR.


When: The opening event is on the 20th October, from 18:00 and is open to the public and will celebrate the Exhibition with the Artists and all involved in the creation of the Exhibition. There will be live experimental music from Local Sound Artists; Alocasia Garden, Daniel Addison and Jocelyn Pritchard. The Exhibition will then be open 21/10/16 – 24/10/16 Daily from 11:00 – 18:00





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