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Why did you call it Threads?


I tried to remove the associations I had with the literal translations of thread. I had become very consumed in thread throughout my Artistic Practise so I wanted to hear the word and sound when associated to the imagery of the events we would do. Those who begin to understand the set up, project and aims of Threads realise that the name is what we have presented. A welcoming, exciting atmosphere of creativity and enterprise.

What is meant by pop-up?


Pop-up is the term we have used to describe the way we utalise venues by recycling existing places and staging our event. After the event we dismantle it and more onto the next. This way of exhibiting allows us to keep costs down and be more connected to the community. 

What is moving image?


Moving Image is the term used to describe the form of visual art that describes both short films and abstract digital/analogue film pieces. 

What does crit mean?


The set up of a crit/critique/work-in-progress event is essentially a small group of practicing artists that meet on regular basis to discuss work that has been created or is about to be created. It is a welcoming and secure environment for ideas to be developed. The style of crits that Threads intends on hosting are peer-to-peer based so there will be a very approachable set-up so that there is no element of elitism or condescension.




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