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We had 7 Artists: 

(click names for websites)


Ben Barton 


- Karen Crosby 


-Deborah Humm


-Hazeleigh Prebble


Claire Manning 


- Richard Blyth 


- Gabrielle Simon


Attendees where asked what they enjoyed

"The mix of films, the ambience, comfortable venue, interesting work."

"Everything <3"

September 2015 brought about our first pop-up Exhibition.  We were so eager to put all our determination for Threads into something practical. We knew that producing this Exhibition would allow others to view why we set Threads up.


We called out to Artists working in Sculpture, Performance, Projection and Installation and we received applications on an International level! This free opportunity had attracted our target audience and with an overwhelming sense of pride we embarked on our Exhibition. We knew we wanted to include a screening and critique as well.


Work set about to secure our venue which, by chance we found. We knew we wanted to focus on Folkestone and as two of Team Threads had studied at UCA at foundation year and counted as proud Alumni we were able to utilise the Brewery Tap which is mainly used as a curational space for the MA students from Canterbury.  


Our final selection was probably too many Artists for the space however, we made use of the Memorial Architectural Space outside to spill out and truly advertise our Exhibition.

We opened with a bang and Introduces Mit Milch to the world! A pop-up coffee company who merged excellent Vegetarian food and perfected Coffee concoctions and supplied us with a sustainable Private View situation. As more arrived others would grab their next drink which led to the place being packed!


The following night we set up a Threads style screening and showcased an entirely different set of Artists work. We were once again accompanied by Mit Milch and in addition Noise_Dolls Records who took the opportunity to promote their latest Merchandise including a collaborative Zine Collection. We used the night to launch our Crowdfunding campaign which we managed to secure (second time round) and which will now contribute to the funding of our upcoming 2016 Exhibition project.


The penultimate day of the Exhibition hosted our Artist Critique where we gathered all the contributing Artists and set about discussing the work. This explored their reasons for creating the work and how they felt about the space their work sat in within the show. This was immensely beneficial to the Artists and Threads. We sought out to monitor this feedback and this has formed our current critique programme led by one of those Exhibited Artists, Juliana Guger. We filmed all the crits and they are now on YouTube as private videos for the Artists to have as a permanent resource  for their developing practises. 


Threads on Tour: Screening 

Join us for the Launch Night of our Kickstarter Campaign (click here for more info

We will celebrate this launch with a Threads screening - where we show a mix of Artists' film and video work in a curated programme.


Brenda Miller - Gloucestershire

Ben Barton - Kent

Emily Bailey - London

Richard Blyth - Kent

Antonio Gomez - East Sussex 

This will coincide with our Exhibition Threads on tour: Debut which is being held at The Brewery Tap in Creative Quarter Folkestone- the screening will take place amongst the exhibition allowing even more exposure for the selected artists!

We are honoured and excited to be supported by both Mit Milch and Noise_Dolls Records

Mit Milch have supported Threads from the beginning out of Water Lane Coffee House by offering a beautiful venue. As we take Threads on tour they will join us with a pop up version of their amazing coffee and food created by the wonderful duo Luke Reene and Matt Whitehead 

We are excited to announce that we are one of the selected events that will be selling the Limited Edition print-run of the Noise_Dolls Zine 0005

This is the fifth independent Noise_Dolls Zine featuring-
•artists: Lucy Crump - Harry Robbins - Mike Russell - Melanie Ezra - Ben Honebone
•poet:Charlie Tolfree 
•Quack and Bang and Tick and Tock- Jessica Jordan-Wrench
•The Balloon: Robert 
•Good Ramblings of a disheartened socialist: Joseph Ferris-Moore 
•Camelot: Joseph Ferris-Moore 
•Cover: Charlie Tolfree 
•With special thanks to Ella Penn 
•Editors: Joseph Ferris Moore & Ella Penn

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